Enhanced Learning through Yoga Nidra

The only thing standing in the way of learning new information is your self, your mind, and the neural network that you have grown accustomed to seeing through. By learning how to still the mind one gains the ability to truly listen and receive new information from an unbiased and unfiltered state of mind and later recall information with greater ease.

Yoga nidra, the practice of conscious sleep, is a practice of navigating the various states of awareness so that you have full conscious control over the ways in which you perceive and interact with reality and experience. Yoga nidra teaches the individual to move beyond the mind, to a space of stillness where new seeds of knowledge can be planted deep within the mind and effortlessly grow to reprogram existing neural connections. Through this practice, anything can be learned while simultaneously releasing stress and tension from the body.

I have decided to start tapping into this potential by imbedding ancient spiritual teachings into yoga nidra sessions so that the wisdom found in these texts can be perceived and experienced directly, without interference of the mind. In this way, you can begin to shape your way of thinking and living to be in line with the ancient philosophy of your choosing. The learning process can be sped up and interacted with further by also reviewing the texts in a normal waking state or just before bed. The more you visit the texts the faster and more fully they will be integrated into your being, however, a daily yoga nidra practice is sufficient for shaping your mind to create the results you desire in waking life.

I have started recording a series that incorporates meditations from the Tibetan Book of the Dead and another using the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. I also plan to work with the Bhagavad Gita and the Tao te Ching, but if you have any other requests, please leave a comment or email me! I also offer tutoring through Yoga Nidra… anything you want to learn and know deeply can be inserted into a nidra session. All you need is good notes or selected text that can be read aloud. Your session will be recorded so that you can practice at home whenever is convenient for you and revisit it as often as you’d like. The more you listen, the more engrained the information will become. It’s as easy as taking a nap!

Email Dana Ripley to get clear on your intentions
Email: ripleymassageandyoga@gmail.com

The recording below reads from Book One of the Yoga Sutras, and beautifully explains what yoga is really all about. Free recordings posted here are really just test runs for the full version I will eventually release for a small fee, so any and all feedback you may have is deeply appreciated.

Rest well, learn freely, and may you move towards self actualization with a sense of ease and effortlessness.


LISTEN HERE: Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: Book One

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