On a personal note…

Twenty three year old white female, socially, physically, and psychologically detached from her Native American ancestors. Never went to graduation. Struggled to connect in socially formidable groups. Born to listen, much like her fly allies on the wall. Knew from birth her purpose to heal and to teach. After spending three years exploring the depths of her own body and mind through bodywork and meditation training, she remembered who she was, why she is here, and how to maintain balance and cohesion from within. All the while, she has taken great joy and freedom in sharing her knowledge and practices with anyone who will listen.
With an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and expansion, she now turns her awareness to the external world she has landed in.
Fully at home in the void, she pokes her head into the body, only to find a vast network of beings and figures that seem to breathe the same energy from which she arose. The divine spark reflected in every eye seen, a reminder of home. In gratitude, she bows, for if this reminder of light from the eyes is startling or hazy, perhaps it will be revealed through the space that cradles us all.


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