Can Anyone Walk on Water?

What does it take? Godly Inheritance? Enlightenment?
How does one access the key to unlocking such lofty visions?
One thing is for sure… Nothing can happen before you know that it is possible.

We can believe anything, trusting what we imagine or hear to line up with how reality truly is, but to know is a much different thing than to believe.
Believing is thinking, while knowing is seeing.
To know is to see things as they actually are.
Confusion dissolves where head, heart, and gut fuse into one.
If all beings who accept Christ in their hearts are saved,
What happens when a Christ-infused heart fuses with its host’s head and gut?
Does one’s mind too, then fuse with the mind of God?
Does the instinct, will, and self-evidence of the creator then too, spark in one’s own gut?
Perhaps it is this fusion of head, heart, and gut that creates the central pillar of the cross from which we hang, together, as One.
Perhaps physical experience with the Holy Spirit is attainable in the same way that Prana animates the Subtle Body.
Sushumna Nadi, like the length of the cross, connects sky and earth, above and below.
From the vortex of the heart, through which we are all connected,
we extend our arms wide and embrace material interaction through relationship.
Hanging on, hanging in, together as One body of Earth,
Cradled by the space from which we drew our first breath.
From dust, to dust.
From space, to space.
The same space from which Christ appeared walking over stormy seas.

What do you believe?
What do you know?

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