Massage & Yoga

Please contact Dana Ripley at for a free consultation and to schedule your first appointment.

For all 60-90 minute sessions,
please choose one form of bodywork (Yoga or Massage) to work with.
Sessions that are two hours or longer can include both Yoga and Massage Therapy or remain focused on one for the entirety of the session.

Save $30 On Your First Appointment!

Standard Rates:
$90 for 60 minutes
$1 per additional minute per session
(ex. $120 for 90 minutes)

Add-On Services:
In-Home Appointment $20
Custom Oil Blend (receive extra for daily use) $15
Integrate Sound Healing (includes extra 15 min) $20

Monthly Memberships:
Save $15 off the standard rate
when you commit to at least one session a month!

Weekly Memberships:
Commit to one session a week for only
$1 p/ minute

Chair Massage and the following classes are available for
Businesses, Events, and Private Groups at the standard rate above,
plus the $20 travel fee.
Schedule Monthly classes in your work-space at the Membership Rate!

Restorative Energetics: Balance the Subtle Body

This gentle yoga class is rooted in breathwork, aimed at bringing awareness into the flow of prana, the life force energy, so that blockages and imbalances in the energy field can be observed and released. As obstructions clear, the newly opened channels allow us to effortlessly direct our energy wherever we choose. After feeling into the body through breath and movement, bandhas or energy locks, chanting, and other meditation techniques will be practiced to learn how the flow of energy can be directed to balance both body and mind.

Strengthen and Stabilize: Igniting the Core

Strength arises from within. In learning to strengthen our bodies, we must simultaneously learn to let go and relax our bodies. As one muscle group relaxes, another contracts. For optimal strength and movement, we must understand how this balance is attained. A strong connection to the core unlocks the experience of confidence, joy, personal expression and empowerment. In learning to move from the core, one learns to move with greater fluidity, ease, and grace.

Yoga Nidra: the Art of Conscious Relaxation

Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, is a practice of deep relaxation and restoration. Unlike typical meditation, it requires absolutely no effort. All you have to do is lie back, relax, and listen to the voice of the instructor. You will be guided through all layers of being: the physical form, the energy body, the mind, and the subconscious mind until reaching a point of complete stillness and pure awareness. By learning how to fully relax at will and navigate the subtle layers of consciousness, gain the space and time to process experiences and intentionally reprogram your mind. Regular practice of Yoga Nidra allows you to access the infinite well of truth, wisdom, love, and creativity that resides within every human being.

Massage Basics: Explore the Power of Touch

Learn self massage techniques, how to offer safe touch to another, and practice applications. Through touch we realize our interconnected nature. In human contact we experience the power and affects we have on one another. By receiving therapeutic touch in a safe environment, one can learn to let go of negative associations with touch, develop a greater sense of trust in others, learn and practice communication skills, develop intuition and feeling awareness, and learn to facilitate healing for both self and others.

Creative Movement and Mantra

Let go of all expectations, presumptions, assumptions, doubts, and fears. This is not a place of judgement or social pressure. Come as you are. Move as you please, or don’t at all. Within the framework of a dynamic yoga flow, we will explore creative movement through range of motion, mantra, and mudra. Experience the full range of your physical and energetic motion by closing with a short yoga nidra. We will move from a space of high activity and energy down into a space of pure stillness, deep rest, and internal rejuvenation.