Dana Ripley is the human being behind Embodied Mind LLC. Born and raised on the Colorado Front Range, Dana grew up exploring the mountains and learning about natural medicine from her mother, who studied and shared herbal medicine within their community. Inspired by the power and effectiveness of natural healing, Dana went on to explore a wide range of holistic health practices including massage therapy, yoga, ayurveda, aromatherapy, polarity therapy, hypnosis, ecstatic dance, meditation, sound healing, breathwork, and shamanic journeywork.
Dana started her private practice in her hometown of Lakewood, and has taken it with her to Denver, Fort Collins, and Boulder since its inception in 2015. Now rooted in Center, Colorado, Dana is excited to serve a new community in the San Luis Valley as she continues to visit new and previous clients up north every month.
Massage therapy and Yoga Nidra are Dana’s favorite offerings to share with her community because of the simplicity and potency that each has to offer.
Not only do all of her clients and friends walk away feeling more open and relaxed, but every session reveals new information as to what may be negatively affecting the individual and how to refine daily living in order to enter a more sustainable sense of peace and wellness within.
When not in session with clients, Dana is continuously refining her own self-care practices and exploring creative endeavors that lead to greater growth for herself, and everyone she comes into contact with.
Spreading love, joy, and inspiration is her ultimate aim, and this mission expands through her art and sound projects under Dana’s artist name, Mahaṁūṇa.