Dana Ripley is the founder and creator of Embodied Mind LLC, and is deeply honored to be surrounded by a full and rich community of gifted healers and artists.
Dana’s own healing process bore many fruits of creative exploration and discovery, and we, here at Embodied Mind, believe that creative exploration is a significant and important part of the healing process and the journey to self discovery.
Inspired by her own healing journey, and by the beautiful people that surround her, Dana was called to form a Healing Arts Coalition, where ALL healers and artists could be empowered and honored through their creative and healing work.
Here at Embodied Mind, we believe that healers and artists deserve to receive the full commission for all of their projects and services.
We also believe that there is no room for competition among the healing arts community. Through a supportive network of creative and powerful minds, we may all receive inspiration, encouragement, growth, a sense of community, and fair compensation for the work we have all dedicated our lives to.
Lastly, we believe in free distribution of knowledge and unconditional love.
All beings deserve to know themselves, to heal themselves, and to create freely in the world.. so we offer donation-based classes and workshops.

Spreading love, joy, and inspiration is our ultimate aim, and this mission expands through all of our offerings here at embodiedmind.net.

Thank you for spending some time here with us!

We look forward to getting to know you.