Activate Manipura

What is your passion? Your purpose? What inspires you to act, to create, to build?
There is no right or wrong answer. It’s up to you to discover what embodiment is waiting to flower within your own being.
Our newest Soundscape Meditation focuses on the awakening of Manipura Chakra, the center of will, passion, vitality, and creative power. Listen to this short meditation daily or as often as you would like, but continue working with the shared breathing technique for 2-4 weeks to fully experience and integrate the method into all layers of body and mind. It is best to vary your activity during practice so that it becomes readily available wherever you are. For example, practice in seated meditation in the morning, walking meditation at another time, while you do the dishes, do yoga, drive, while you work on the computer, at the grocery store, etc.

Additional practices for Manipura will be shared in the future, but let’s keep it simple for now, and start here. We begin with one simple breathing technique as resonant sounds support the awakening of the inner sun, Manipura chakra.
For periods of concentrated practice, seated meditation and Trataka, or flame gazing, is recommended as you listen and engage with the breathing technique.

In this soundscape, we ignite the inner flame and simultaneously reinforce the earth frequency for Mooladhara chakra, remaining rooted in what’s real, we open our inner eye to see and experience reality as it truly is. This recording also features NASA samples of the actual sun vibration and the Solfeggio frequency, 528, for solar plexus resonance.

Listen to the condensed version for free HERE, and receive the full 30 minute version for any donation of $1 or more.
Donations can be made to via paypal and venmo
Bitcoin and Ethereum are also accepted, please email for the code.

Sat Nam


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