Sonic Massage

Every soundwave has its own texture, its own unique pattern of movement and shape..

Different patterns affect consciousness in different ways.. on every level of body and mind.

Do you know which frequencies you hear most often, or how they affect your mood, your mind, your body?

I know its kind of a lot to ask… I mean, who really pays attention to that??

There are SO many sounds that ripple through body and brain each day that it is difficult to keep track, to stay aware of each new sound.

Many of us actively tune out sounds, because there are too many or because some of them feel harsh or disturbing…

Learning to remain present with disturbing sounds develops inner peace and equanimity through the practice of non-reaction.

Every sound delivers with it some form of information about the outside world. Listening, therefore, can act as a doorway, through which you become aware of your environment and find empowerment to choose what reality you want to enter..

The lyrics, as well as the frequencies we here, create subtle shifts in the way that the mind perceives reality. So, how do you want to shape your perception?

Many of us actively seek out sound for comfort or support. Here the soundwave acts as a vehicle to stimulate and focus the mind.

Focusing on any single frequency will quickly bring the mind to center, but listening to pure, harmonic tones are the most healing and restoring to the mind.. especially when life feels chaotic or confusing.

Entering a still, silent environment helps the mind to experience full, tangible stillness.

At first the stilling process may be difficult or uncomfortable as the mind rides each rolling wave, fluctuating through the body-mind.

Ride these waves with ease, until the mind naturally slows…

and you feel the entire system settle into a state of stillness and rest.

Listening to healing, or balancing frequencies can help bring the mind into stillness with greater haste and ease…

Are you familiar with solfeggio frequencies?
We all learned them in grade school with the Do-Re-Mi scale, but what most elementary school teachers leave out is that these tones are tangible healing frequencies.
By using tuning forks set to this scale, we ensure that the most pure tones and vibrations are sounded through the brain and felt at the appropriate meridian points.
Add sound healing on to your next massage session to get a feel for the power of sound yourself!


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