What’s sound healing?

Did you know that you can bring greater balance and harmony to body and mind simply through listening? In Nada Yoga, sound vibrations become the vehicle to deeper states of stillness and connection with the present moment.

The practice is simple and can be done at any time, making it an essential tool for stress management and concentration. It can be difficult to bring stillness to the mind, especially when you’re tired or distracted by an endless inner dialogue.
Through practicing the art of listening, we develop a greater ability to focus and to connect with a sense of inner peace, clarity, and bliss in the midst of a myriad of experiences.

Awareness automatically drifts away from cycling thoughts when we enter a state of listening. Taking a moment to step outside of our normal, everyday thought patterns can provide the space for spontaneous insights and new neural connections to burst forth in the mind, without any work or effort.

We love music and other forms of entertainment because they allow us to safely relinquish our own thoughts as the mind merges with a steady stream of input.
Through meditation and sound healing, we engage with this natural phenomenon to direct awareness inwards, to the inner workings of body and mind so that we may better know and understand ourselves.

All you have to do is listen, feel the full resonance of each sound as you allow your awareness to jump from sound to sound.
Try it out for a moment, turn off any music or media that may be playing and
open your ears to take in all the sounds in your current environment.

Focused and aware, become fully aware of each and every vibration that echoes through the space surrounding your body.
There are light waves and sound waves, tune in to all the sound waves that spiral through and around the body.
After a few minutes of this practice, focus in on the most distant sound you can hear. Notice the sensational experience of vibration created on the eardrum, and starting from this collision point on the eardrum, mentally trace the path of this sound wave back to its source, somewhere in outer space. See if you can pinpoint the source of the sound you hear, and then watch as this vibration dissipates into empty space.
The eardrum returns to stillness.
Invite each new sound you hear to take you deeper into the body, and into a state of clear present awareness.

Release external sounds and return to the familiar vibrations found in your own brain. Breathe into the buzz of your own neural plasticity as you notice what pre-existing pathways of living electricity, of thought, memory, and actions currently cast their web over and throughout the brain.
These patterns of thought, of memory, and belief, felt as the buzz of neural pathways, color perception, shape the energy field, and ultimately, are reflected in the physical body with either wellness or illness, balance or imbalance, ease or dis-ease.

By practicing non-reaction in the midst of disturbing and challenging sounds,
(“bad vibes,” as my teacher would say),
we build resilience in our own nervous system, while simultaneously giving the brain space to release any old associations that may be connected to different sounds.

By listening to pure tones and vibrations that resonate with the core energetic frequencies of a healthy and balanced nervous system, we easily and automatically bring our own energy field into harmony with the great symphony of life and nature while restoring our systems to full function and integrity.

Start listening now with this Solfeggio Frequency Soundscape to stimulate and balance your energy field as your go through your daily routine.


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