Turning Back to the Light

The Winter Solstice marks the day when the North Pole is at its furthest distance from the sun. Around the world this day is honored with festivals and celebrations with family, friends, and communities at large. It is a time of icy contraction, in which we most need one another to warm and nourish our bodies and hearts. 

For some, it may not feel like a joyous and festive time, as reflections of what has been lost are also revealed. Regardless of where you stand with the solstice season, now is the perfect time of the year to internalize and integrate what was, and to start dreaming of a bright future that soon will be.
Take some time to engage with this subtle shifting of energy. Relax the body, quiet the mind, and become aware of your internal environment. Withdrawal perception from external happenings and give your own being some much needed time to rest and restore. In this Yoga Nidra practice, we recruit and unite the powers of both body and mind to encourage full function and flow to the nervous system. With positive affirmations that speak directly to each energy center, we develop a positive attitude towards self and others while effortlessly releasing tension, strain, and negativity from body, mind, and heart.

Remind yourself how it feels to be safe, secure, connected, confident, strong, loving, creative, clear, and WHOLE on every level of your waking and sleeping being.
With regular practice of Yoga Nidra, this felt sense of wholeness, wellness, and freedom may become your new default state.
Available as a guided meditation, or a simple soundscape meditation for free on Soundcloud HERE. Donations may be made at https://www.paypal.com/paypalme2/mahamuna


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