Energy Work

Drop into a parasympathetic state and get acquainted with your subtle body for free through this easy guided meditation and consider scheduling an in person Reiki and/or Sound Healing session at Anupa Wellness in Salida (here),
or text 303-903-8927 to schedule a house call or distance healing.
60 minutes: $75 in person
Distance healing available by phone or video: $1 per minute

Re-align with the subtle harmonics of the universe through Reiki, Polarity, and sound stimulation. Energy is often described as prana, chi, or the holy spirit, but in essence, it is that which animates and moves the physical world. When we talk about energy, we are referring both to the subtle matrix of electrical impulses and psychic spheres upon which life is built AND we are referring to the basic functioning of our nervous system.
Biologically speaking, the nervous system bridges the gap between body and mind.
Sometimes the nervous system gets stuck in the sympathetic state, or “fight or flight mode,” and a variety of physical and cognitive functions are turned off until the nervous system is cleared of the electrical charge that was sent through the body. There are many ways to return to a parasympathetic state (rest and digest mode), but unfortunately, few of us are taught these skills. Even with the skills to regulate our own nervous system, sometimes the electrical impulses triggered from a trauma can get stuck in the physical or subtle psychic spheres of our being, and we may need external support to release old blockages and return to a state of true equilibrium and clarity.
Often times, we go on living in the fight or flight mode without even recognizing it, until someone or something stops us and forces us to slow down and heal. This is why regular bodywork and/or energy work sessions are important, to ensure we are keeping our nervous systems clear, vibrant, and buzzing with the full force of universal life force energy. When we live in the parasympathetic state, we are calm, centered, naturally loving, and more peaceful in the midst of challenging life circumstances.

Sound Healing, Reiki, and Polarity Therapy all work with the same substance, the subtle body or pranic field, and use hands on and off techniques to move and release obstructions in the energy field, but they are each distinct in their approach. Reiki is the most impressive when it comes to distance healing. Sound is profound in its ability to affect large spaces and penetrate the cell bodies of everyone and everything in that space. While Polarity Therapy provides a clear, scientific approach to treating individuals through diet, exercise, and meditation.
Reiki is amazing in its ability to move and unfold through the process of deep listening and intuition, but it is vague in its description of the universal healing energy. Polarity on the other side is slightly more rigid and analytical in approach as Dr. Randolph Stone, doctor of Osteopathy, Naturopathy and Chiropractic, spent his life studying and integrating “the Ayurvedic system of India and folk health practices of many cultures including homeopathy, and Oriental Medicine” to create a detailed map and process that anyone could use for balancing the subtle body and improving health.

I began working deliberately with energy bodies during massage school where I began to study and practice Polarity Therapy. I continued my study of the subtle body through the Yogic system, and most recently received the Level 1 and 2 Reiki attunements through the Usui lineage. I am also trained in the use of Solfeggio frequency tuning forks and general sound healing. I use deep listening skills and body reading to uncover which tools and skills are called for in the moment, as each unique session unfolds in accordance to the individual client’s needs. Because Reiki, Polarity, and Sound Healing are so unique in their approaches to energy healing, I ask all clients to choose the approach that they are most interested in and allow that to be the primary structure of our session, while intuitive integration of other techniques may naturally arise.
Physical touch and pressure are optional and you are always encouraged to ask for more space or touch as needed during your session.

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