Energy Work

Space as Medicine

Re-align with the subtle harmonics of the universe through breathwork, energy work, and sound healing. Energy is often described as prana, chi, or the holy spirit, but ultimately, it is that which animates; the spirit that flows and manifests through form in order to express itself as life. This universal energy tends to flow in distinct patterns or circuits, forming the subtle body anatomy of all lifeforms.

When the flow of energy is blocked by physical or emotional tension and holding, imbalance and illness results.
The release of blockages and holding patterns can be quickly and effortlessly facilitated through energy work, breathwork, and sound healing.

Reiki and Polarity therapy both use hands on and off techniques to work with moving energy in the subtle body, and can be shared even when there is great physical distance between the client and practitioner. These modalities are far less invasive than massage, giving you ample space to develop awareness of the subtle changes that are constantly occurring within and around you.

Guided breathwork practices and sound journeys can be done completely on your own with a recorded session or live with the supportive presence of a facilitator. With a facilitator, breathing techniques may be refined and reiki or polarity can be integrated intto your practice.
Free online class recordings are coming soon!

Due to public health concerns, in-person sessions are unavailable until further notice, however, video chats and recordings are available by request for $1 a minute.

Please reach out for a free consultation at and we will find the right modality and healer for you!

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