Realigning body, mind, and soul

Let’s talk about setting intentions.

As you step away from the rush of your every day life and into a space of release and regeneration, it can be helpful to bring an intention with you. The body already contains all the tools it need to heal itself. Once the mind steps out of the way, the body can be trusted to regenerate itself naturally and automatically. By moving into a space of deep relaxation, the opportunity to reset “normal” mental, emotional, and physical patterns is gained, and one can then reorient the trajectory of their life-force in any direction, new or old.

Bringing a clear, simple intention with you into both healing sessions and into your every day life is enough to change the course of your entire reality. Intentions can be formed around anything. ¬†Remember, if you want to change the world, you must change your self. Embody the change you wish to see in the world, by bringing it into your present experience. Energy will automatically start to flow where your attention goes…. so where do you want to direct your energy? What do you wish to embody and impress on the world?

Whatever it may be, keep it simple, and know that it is already true. Remind yourself often as you watch this quality seep into every aspect of your reality.

Not sure where to direct your energy? Feeling good about the trajectory of your life?
Fantastic! Invite in gratitude, presence, confidence, creativity, relaxation, joy, release.

Ask and you shall receive.


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