Drop into presence

Our minds have the ability to travel through the past and future, a remarkable tool when consciously employed. The body is the one aspect of self that is always fully grounded in this present reality. It is the densest layer of being and the bridge between our internal and external worlds. By stepping fully into the body, one tethers their focus to the present moment and becomes more aware of all that truly is. Bodywork and breathwork are very simple and effective ways to bring your attention to what is manifesting within you and your environment here and now. Only from here can you get there, or anywhere.

From here, you can begin to consciously let go of anything that is not serving you. You can start to release unsupportive holding patterns in the body, allowing these same patterns to be released more easily from the energy field and mind.

It can only ever begin now. Start with a few deep breaths, focusing on where you feel your breath in your body. Notice areas of tension, and do some gentle stretching. Allow your intuition to take over. Be present with what you feel, listen to sensation, and allow sensation to guide you deeper into yourself and into the present moment.


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