New Moon Intentions

New moons are a good time to plant seeds of intention into the psyche. Sink into this moment, sink into the heart and inquire within, “Where is my attention needed?” “Is there anything I need to release?” “What am I to embody at this time?” Personally, I feel that it is time to release self-doubt and insecurity. It is time to embody the full radiance of my being, without fear of the one who passes judgement. My attention is needed in the lower three chakras. Through meditation and sound vibrations, I build a bridge between the first, second, and third energy centers. I remember that it is safe for me to express and embody my divine creative potential. I am supported by the process of life and by my community, and I rest in gratitude. No matter how the mind may attempt to convince me of otherwise, I realize and allow my God-given power to flow freely into the lower energy centers of action and creation, for this sense of infinite and incorruptible power is rooted in, and grows from, the heart. I trust in the power of LOVE as it flows freely through my being and beyond. I am One, within and without this body I call home. I reinforce these intentions through yoga and sound. I invite you to join me by tuning into your own yoga flow and listening here:


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