Growing pains

It’s easy to attach to and identify with our pain. It takes effort and intention to fully feel the pain that arises in our lives without becoming completely consumed by it. I’ve noticed that people, myself included, often jump to blame and shame as soon as pain arises. We want an answer or explanation for how and why we got here, as if knowing reason for the pain will make it stop. Truth is, blame and shame don’t serve anyone, ever. Blaming yourself or someone else for the outcome of your experience is never a reflection of truth. All things happen in the context of relationship. Sometimes forces flow together in harmony, other times they push and pull away. It depends on the day and the season of life. Fighting this flow only leads to strife. Much will always remain beyond our control, but we always have a choice in how we respond to each new circumstance.
A friend recently told me that within the context of true widlife emergencies, “You panic, you die. Survivors stay calm.” After getting chased down by some angry cows in the mountains last week, I must say that I do agree. đŸ˜‰

How do you respond to the experience of pain?

How do you want to respond to pain?

Reinforcing mental, emotional, and physical pain patterns is easy and often done subconsciously through the perpetuation of neuro-muscular holding patterns. These patterns can be released through bodywork, meditation, sound healing, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, floating, you name it! Memories of previous pain can leave imprints in our muscles, our connective tissue, our energy fields, and even our DNA. These imprints are made both in the body AND the mind, as electrical signals link thought, memory, and experience with the physical responses triggered by our nervous systems. Moments of shock, pain, and intensity have an impact on the entire system, and from there on out, all of our views and responses can be colored or directed by a single negative experience that may or may not ever happen again.

Only by stepping back from the every day grind of daily life do we get a moment to fully let go of whatever stories we are living and re-living so that we may glimpse into the eternal truth of HERE and NOW. By taking the time to bring stillness into body and mind, we are able to get clear on what pain we are carrying around and where it is stored in the body. Once this pain is recognized and embraced with the breath, it can be released.

I think it is important to note that creating additional pain for yourself is never necessary for growth to occur, although leaning into one’s discomfort and pain in a safe environment can aid in the development of resilience to future pain.

Every person is different, and we each have our own path to walk. Healing doesn’t have to hurt, but sometimes it does anyway. It is always going to be somewhat uncomfortable to face and feel imbalances and old traumas that are stored in the body, but healing can also be as gentle, gradual, and effortless as you allow it to be.

Personally, I like to make healing easy for people, myself included, because life is challenging enough. That’s why I have dedicated myself to teaching and recording the practice Yoga Nidra. 

Give it a try here

What are your experiences and techniques for dealing with pain???


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