As light emanates from source, it is absorbed into form. Whatever light rays are not moving fast enough to move through the form, are reflected back at the observer. Some of these forms are dense, like the table or chair, others are fleeting, like thoughts and emotions.


The more contracted energy becomes, the slower it moves. The slower energy moves,  the more solid and set it becomes in time and space. All solid objects are composed of more compact, slower moving vibrations of particles. By increasing this vibration, solid objects become more spacious, light, and transient. Old injuries and memories create tangible change within the texture of a person’s body. These “knots,” or bundles of stress related pain and discomfort have the capacity to shape mental and emotional perceptions, acting as energetic shackles that subconsciously bind a being. It is common for psychological and emotional stress to create lasting postural imbalances in the body. When one realizes what their holding patterns are, it becomes easier to release the painful thought or memory and create new, more supportive patterns of thought and movement in the world.

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