Opposites Balance

If it’s true what they say, “As above, so below!”
I know that trees are reflections of me.
The lives that thrive dissolve in the tide,
Along with the dust of an abandoned moon.
Soon, I will see and feel what it is be a meal
For a starving lion’s breast
To feed the children’s needs
To keep it all bound up inside
Is to silence the lamb and sheep
Today, I say Nay.
Today, I seize the day!
Releasing hate.
Releasing fear.
Release it, NOW, and feel it clear.
Feel the fear disappear
Into spacious air.
Evaporate hate.
Dissolve into sky.
Open your inner eye,
And say “Hi!”
To your toes and your bones
Settle back home and Know
that you are Free.
To feel, to breathe,
to love and to hate,
to bow and to crowd,
to hold and fold out.
Always, Know.


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