Yoga Nidra

Immediate affects of Yoga Nidra:
Return the nervous system into a parasympathetic state,
Learn a simple method for relaxing body and mind at any time,
Spontaneous insights, healing, realizations, and visionary states may occur.

With continued practice, lasting effects include greater mental and emotional resilience, enhanced ability to relax and fall asleep by will,
increased ability to dream, learn, and recall information,
greater self-awareness, fluid creativity, and insights to one’s own purpose or calling,
the ability to self-regulate and reprogram body and mind,
and a deeper connection to one’s own experience of God/Source/Truth.

Because we believe that all beings have the right to learn how to navigate and self-regulate the subtle layers of their own body, mind, and soul, we freely share Yoga Nidra, Soundscape Meditations, and Yoga Playlists for your home practice Here ❤
Custom sessions are available for those looking to achieve specific results and changes in their own body/mind programming.
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