Ground your Goals in 2017

It starts with a spark. A spontaneous sparking of thought- a brilliant flashing of light, so beautiful, so saturated with truth, that it ignites a fire deep within. A fire with the power to consume any fear, self doubt, or hesitation and fuel you in fulfilling future aspirations.

With this spark comes an opportunity for change. We step into this change by our action. Through the most simple way of action, speech, we begin to carve our intentions out from the ethereal mental sphere and give them linguistic shape. Not only do you have to believe in the truth you intend to embody, but you have to speak from the truth you hear within. Speaking your thought fully embodies the idea in a physical , measurable decibel that has an immediate effect on your reality. Through the very physical shape of speech we begin expanding our own intellectual understanding and find connection to others with the same understanding and vision. Through this connection our power expands further, we fuel one another’s fire and realize that anything is possible.

So get clear on what you want to embody in 2017. Soften your eyes and take three deep breaths.
Withdrawal your awareness, bring it into the physical body.

Focus on the movement of your breath in the body, from the crown of your head to the tips of your toes.

Imagine that you could breath in through the center of your forehead and breath out from the center of your heart.

Remember your intention for this year.

Know and feel that it is already true.

Relax into any resistance that may arise and remember that you are the creator of your experience.

Ask yourself what you wish to embody, what needs to change about the world.

Now ask yourself, “How can I bring this change into my own daily life?”

Now go tell someone and start taking tangible steps towards the fulfillment of your dream, together.

Speak from the spark within, feel this spark animate and radiate through your entire being, and allow this spark to pout out into the space and people around you.

Step fully into this spark of truth and power; know your intentions, your truth, and find the legs to move mountains.


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