8 Plants to Dream Awake

I am an active dreamer. I engage with the subconscious and unconscious aspects of my mind so that I may freely and openly explore the depths of my mental, emotional, and spiritual self. I boldly go where no man has gone before!!
In to the depths of my own mind do I dive and find full realization of what and who I am made of. In the practice of activating conscious awareness in every mental state I enter, I come to know myself and my mental patterns at a greater depth than I otherwise would. In recognizing where I am and what I am thinking and feeling, I create space for change to occur. My will is strong and clear. With a sense of humble surrender I step into the space of chidakasha. Standing at the entrance of a deep, dark cave, I shine the light of my own awareness onto all that appears before me. Here in the darkness, I can trust that all I see is nothing more than a manifestation of that which I seldom percieve within me, within my memory and body. Old feelings and connections rise to the surface so that I may learn from and connect to any experience I choose.
I know that I am in full control of my experience, but I also recognize my tendency to forget my own abilities. I engrain inter-dimensional travel skills into my mental patterning by practicing nonreactive presence, concentration, and creative visualization throughout the day. Whenever I return to the space of chidakasha, these skills return without effort or forcing. I am practicing Yoga Nidra, riding the edge between waking and dreaming awareness. I am the creator of this dream.
Before embarking on a new journey I remember…
I am called to this practice today because….
The seeds of thought and  I wish to plant are….
I am letting go of…
I am cultivating…..

In the trying quest to remain fully awake and aware in every moment, fully whole and complete with all that ever was and is, I call out to the plants and ask for their support on the journey!

The following plants can support a lucid dreaming practice when taken with care and intention on a regular basis.

Recommended Usage: Steep one good sized tea bag in the afternoon and continue to add hot water and re-steep the bag throughout the afternoon and evening. Stay hydrated and explore your relationship with these plants as you hang out with them in your waking state of mind. Remember that each of these plants has their own unique qualities and gifts to offer us. The more you connect with and learn about each plant in your waking life, the more you will be able to experience and utilize the gifts offered by each one in the dream world. As crazy as it may sound, we can actually have full on conversations with these plants! Keep in mind that they don’t communicate in the same way we do, so remain open to hearing the plants’ whispers through any and all of your sensational faculties.
Each plant interacts differently with every human, please read the contraindications, do your own research, and talk to your doctor if you have any concerns or are currently taking medications. Ingest these herbs at your own risk and consider placing them in a small cloth bag under your pillow at night instead. A few qualities and properties are listed for each one along with the contraindications. This is a very basic overview, primarily from a physiological perspective so please continue to do your own research, ask questions for yourself, and share whatever tidbits of knowledge you have in the comments below! Let’s start a dialogue. 🙂
The more we each contribute our knowledge and experiences to the conversation, the more we all grow together!

1) Mugwort
Mild sedative, disinfectant, regulates menstruation, treats stomach pain and indigestion, insomnia remedy, anti fungal, antibacterial, anti-asthmatic and expectorant, kills parasites, also used for nervousness, gout, and healing bruises

One of the most famous dream herbs, makes dreams more vivid and aids in the memory of dreams or trance states, said to stimulate precognitive dreaming (future events), also used for protection by hanging over your door and used for astral projection
Contraindications: pregnancy, breast feeding, limit use (thujone, one of the chemicals is toxic in large amounts)

2) Shatavari
Adaptogen (helps us deal with physical and mental stress) especially great for woman, supports female reproductive system and healthy menstruation, boosts ojas (immunity & vitality), soothes digestion, grounding and cooling, prevents osteoporosis, helps in detox, rasayana (rejuvinative) for the reproductive, digestive, and immune systems.

Stimulates flying dreams, used also by taoist monks and named “heavenly spirit herb-tian men dong”
Contraindications: asparagus allergy, excess kapha, estrogen sensitive tumors

3) Bobinsana:
Heals the heart and blood, supports softness and surrender, stimulating and visionary, fluid and feminine energy, antiarthric, and anti-inflammatory, depurative (detoxifying), contraceptive, often used in shamanic ceremonies in South American 

4) Chamomile
Relaxing, mild sleep aid, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antibacterial, helps allergies, muscle relaxant, mild sedative, helps with anxiety and depression, oil can be used to clean and protect wounds

Contraindications: pregnancy, and strong allergies to ragweed, daisies, or chrysanthemums

5) Lavender
Sleep aid, pain relief, relaxant, soothes burns, cooling, bug repellent, reduces swelling, go light on the lavender to remain aware during rest!

Contraindications: use small amounts, has big effects on hormones so not recommended for pregnant women and young boys, can bring on headaches, increased appetite, constipation, and severe drowsiness when combined with other sedatives.

6) Ginko
Oldest surviving tree species on earth, enhances oxygen utilization, improves memory and concentration, improves long-distance vision, also known to help ringing in the ears, headaches, and vertigo, vascular dilation (decreases blood pressure), reduces blood viscosity, improves transmission of nerve signals, antioxidant (combats free radicals and repairs molecular damage), relaxes lungs

Contraindications: discontinue after 3 mo if ineffective, talk to doctor if taking blood thinners, do not take if you have had a seizure or take meds for seizures, avoid around surgery, pregnancy, breast feeding, and early childhood

7) Brahmi
Ayurvedic herb for cognition, name refers to the feminine aspect of ultimate reality and the creative potential that emerges from pure awareness, sattvic, opens and clears the mind, enhances memory and concentration, balances emotions and energy levels (energized in the day and sleepy at night), keeps the mind sharp as we age, used for a variety of cognitive disorders, supports blood cells and healthy hair/skin, treats epilepsy

8) Rose 
Warm and sweet, emotional support, moves and opens the heart, uplifting nervine, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, gentle, eases heartache and supports the grieving process, good for skin, dry out mucous, supports menstruation, mild laxative, lowers cholesterol

Of course, there are a lot of other herbs out there to explore and align with while exploring the inner dimensions of reality. Experiment as you see fit and share your experiences here!
Different herbs will be offered over time, along with consistent group meetups to discuss and practice dream journeying together at Cloud Nine Float Center.
Please reach out if you would like to join for the next session, sessions will be offered every other Wednesday morning, 8-9:30am.

Join the Dream Awake Group on Facebook to stay in the loop with our practice/meetup schedule and reach out to Dana directly to get on our email list!


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