Step Into Truth

We spend most of life in our heads… thinking, planning, analyzing, dreaming.

More often than not, we are so consumed by thinking and perceiving that we forget how to feel. We forget that we do feel, and unfortunately we live in a society that tells us that we are better off without feeling.

Truth is, our physical sensations can often tell us more about how to better ourselves and our situation than our minds can. Truth is here and now, contained within this present moment experience, manifested within the physical container we call the body.

By tuning into the sensations that pulsate through body and mind, one can clearly hear, feel, and know the truth of the present moment. From here, the past dissolves and the future opens to infinite possibility and spontaneous free flow.

I suspect that it is possible to intellectually arrive at truth, but why waste your time? As you take your next step, step into your body, arrive here, and find truth in the now.


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