Balancing in the Heat of Summer

The Summer Solstice is fast approaching, but the fire has already arrived here in Fort Collins, Colorado. Each day is getting longer, the sun seems to be getting hotter, and the flames have been further enveloping us from the moon’s reflection. This last full moon was in Sagittarius, the positive pole of the fire energy current. This energy resonates with the eyes and can support clarity of vision, both physically and mentally. Now is a good time to remember your vision for the year 2017, as we climb to the peak day of the year… June 20th, the Summer Solstice. After this point, the days will once again grow shorter and the slow decline of sunshine begins once again.

Are your dreams and intentions starting to flower yet?
What changes need to occur to support your full blooming?
Do you see anything in your life that needs to be burned up and released with the heat of this summer?

Whatever your responses to these questions may be, invite these rising heat waves to melt away any obstacles standing between you, your inner wisdom, your vision, and the translation from vision to reality. By maintaining a sense of inner balance within the ever changing circumstances we find ourselves in, the explosive energy of summer can be harnessed and directed wherever you choose. It is easy to become consumed by the heat… especially if you are dominant in the Pitta Dosha. So do what you can to keep your cool in this time of fire. Eat cooling fresh foods, drink lots of water, rest in the shade or inside during the hottest times of the day, vigorous workouts should be done in the morning or evening when the sun in low, use coconut oil with lavender and/or peppermint as your daily moisturizer, spritz yourself with rose water when hot, and do your best to avoid stimulants and warming/spicy foods. Practicing restorative yoga in the afternoon is highly recommended to keep you moving towards balance during the hottest parts of the day. In this way the fire won’t consume you, rather it will simply act as an energetic boost to digest the changes that have been occurring for you this year and further fuel the transformation you wish to see.

Now, I invite you to join me in putting this wisdom into practice. Let us breath in the flames and feel into the fire as we learn to interact with the inner cauldron, through which we are able to melt and remold metal into gold. Mahamuna will be guiding a yoga flow with restorative holds 6-7p and yoga nidra 7:30-8:30p at Solarium International Hostel, both directed towards learning how to manage your own inner fire.

Perspective and practice influenced by the Sciences of Polarity Therapy and Ayurveda
$20-30 donation requested for the full practice, but please do not allow money to be the reason you don’t attend. If you feel a called to join me in this practice, do.

Learn more about Polarity Therapy here:

Learn more about Ayurveda here:


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