Solar Eclipse

Remnants Of the eclipse
Remembrance Of life’s purest gift…
Life itself, in all Of its appearances.
Bathing in the light Of the mOOn; breathing and being.
Peace illuminates the cOre as the light of Our sun is reflected back On itself.
IllusiOns Of dusk trick the mind’s eye,
BlOcked frOm sOurce, trigger dreams in waking life.
The sky at its darkest just before the light.
A circular beam, a symbOl Of Our uniOn.
One brilliant, gOlden ring tO rule them all.
COld and cOntractive, slip sOftly intO a sleepy space
Melt yOur face
ClOse your eyes
Feel Within
Self cOntained
Eyes turn up behind sunken lids
A flickering candle lights the way
ThrOugh the dark vOid behind clOsed eyes
I ride the edge between yOu and I
Death and life
Saturn returns tO the Piscean MOOn,
A bridge from what was, tO what is, and will be.
MemOry churns in unturned dirt
BecOming heavy, I sink belOw the mud
In the stability fOund within Our cOre
The nature Of relationship and reality becOme clear
Like the rising lOtus
I remember why I am here.

Art Credit to Matthew Fredricey, who I had the honor of trading with at this last Shamanic Boom.


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