10 simple steps to change your life

Healing is only as hard as you make it…

Step One. Step into the present moment. Focus. Atas Yogas Chitta Vritti Nirodaha.

Step Two. Step into the body. From skin to bones, feel the subtle pulsation of life that radiates throughout the physical body, from within, to without, all throughout this shape of flesh that exists as body.

Step Three. Feeling the whole of the body, begin to breathe into the body as a WHOLE unified being.

Step Four. Move from the food body, ANANDAMAYA kosha, into the subtle body, PRANAMAYA KOSHA, the space occupied by the body and the current of life force energy (prana) that flows through this space. Some may think of this subtle layer of self as spirit. Through the feeling of Spirit, we realize our interconnection to all things, from macrocosm to microcosm. Follow the breath in through the nostrils, mentally travel down the back of the throat, into the lungs, down into low belly. Expanding the entire torso in all directions with each breath, bring your awareness to the top of the head. Begin to breath in through the crown, down to the tailbone. Exhale to wash the breath down the legs and out the feet.

Step Five. Notice areas of discomfort or restriction and invite more PRANA, space, into these areas simply by focusing your attention there.

Step Six. Ask yourself if there is anything you’ve been holding on to, anything that needs to change or be released.

Step Seven. Remember that you are in full control over your experience and LET GO of whatever idea or feeling is holding you down.

Step Eight. Invite in the opposite thought or sensation of what it is you just released. For example, if you are letting go of the feeling of anger, invite forgiveness. If you felt insecure, manifest confidence. Want to let go of procrastination? Welcome focus and passion.

Step Nine. Form a new thought to reinforce the desired feeling and repeat this thought to yourself often, with clarity and assurance. “I am focused. I am effective in my work flow. I forgive all grievances. I am unshakable by the actions of others. I am an embodiment of peace, love, bliss, etc. I communicate with ease and compassion. I am whole and complete. I live in the present moment, releasing attachment to the past and expectation for the future.” Choose a thought that resonates with you and your current goals. The more you come back to this idea, the more surely it will forge a new pattern in your mind and be reflected into your life.

STEP TEN. This process becomes completely effortless and automatic through a daily practice of Yoga Nidra. There’s really nothing you have to do… just lie back, relax, and listen. Try it here and consider doing a private session with a practitioner who can cater the practice specifically to you and your goals.


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