The Bodhisattva Vow

I vow to attain enlightenment for the benefit of ALL sentient beings.
I heal myself so that I may heal others in turn.
While I am one unique embodiment of creative life-force energy,
I am NOT separate from this world.

The vibrations and stories I hold inevitably unfold,
My voice echoes into the back hole
contained in every soul.
I am whole and I am BOLD.
Whether hot or cold,
give me coal or gold,
all I have is sold.

Like rotting flesh on a sinking ship
the universe accepts every word passing through my lips.
My fingertips drip
with love and compassion.
Strip your fashion.
There’s nothing to prove here and nothing to lose here.

Together we’ll breathe and feel
every doubt and fear.
Hear the moisture of your tears
dripping into open ears.
Like melting ice cubes,
watch your edges dissolve from form to void.
I once was paranoid
that this body was a prison
Now the truth has risen…

In space is form, in form is space.
Embrace your face
for soon this crystalized current of energy will
vanish without a trace.
Then we will know our place.


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