Learn the Art of Healing Touch

Touch can be a touchy subject. We all want it, we crave it, and in fact NEED it to thrive both emotionally and physiologically. Yet, we sparsely talk about it. Touch can be a really difficult thing to ask for when we need it or to reject when we don’t. Many of us feel awkward or unsure around giving and receiving touch. Our culture has sexualized the human body so much that it can be difficult to really know what intentions are held in another person’s fingertips.
Few of us were taught what healthy touch looks like, how to engage with it, and how to talk about it. Many of us have actually experienced some form of trauma around touch, and there’s no way of really knowing what another person’s relationship to touch IS until you ask.

So I’m asking, what is your relationship to touch? Are you comfortable giving and receiving touch with your family, friends, and with strangers? Are you good at communicating your own personal boundaries with these people? Do you know what your boundaries are and why those boundaries have been put in place?

Do you want to practice these skills?
Awesome, let’s do it together. I am now offering massage lessons for both individuals and couples! Together we can practice interactions around touch, how to communicate about it, how to ask for it, how to turn it down, and how to offer it. We will explore our relationship to touch by practicing hands on massage techniques alongside physical and energetic boundary setting.

Please reach out if you are interested in signing up for massage lessons. These skills take time to develop and in a practice of setting my own boundaries, I ask that you only reach out for lessons if you are serious about learning this skill and are willing to commit to a minimum of four lessons.



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