Healing the Heart

Aware of every wall ever built around this heart
Regressing to the start of all the lost art
No reason to long for what was or could be
Remember to feel and breath into every restriction
That seems to be limiting my sense of freedom and peace
A fortress once built here, with resilience and power
Seven simple circles with horns collapse the tower
Every breath seeps in through the cracks
A subtle form of attack
Heart still beating when it breaks
The ever expanding breath shakes the foundation
Of qualms, doubt and fears of separation
Illusory needs to be independent
As I recall our innate interdependence
I breathe out and you breath in
Within this breath our hearts do swim
Expanding from within to without and all about
My senses suckle the space between our knuckles
Fists releasing, longing loosening, attachments unwinding
Now I’m finding that all I ever needed was here all along.
There is no song to be sang
A lullaby hanging by a thread
Snipped by the bud of my quivering hand.
For I am the creator, and the builder of these walls.
I am making the call
To fall
To ball
For all
Lost soldiers.

Empty of effort, we rise as warriors.
For I am the creator of this picture
Encapsulated by the pixels that weave our cosmic tapestry
Comforted by the star scattered blanky wrapped around my feet,
Connecting you and me.
I release the need for division.
I breath into this space.
I look you in the face, the eyes,
And pray that I will die.
Ego fractured by the brilliance of your reflection.
Which is to say the veil has lifted
And all that remains is you and I drifting
Swimming through the cosmic sea.
Swirling light and color together in sweet harmony.


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