Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows

When asked how to begin the path and practice of transcendental meditation, founder of TM, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi answered, “Intend to have a better life. Just intention to have a more successful life. Think better. Create better influence for others and for oneself. Just the desire to be a better man, that’s all.”¹ Simply the thought to be better, to do better, is enough change the trajectory of your existence into one of transcendental awareness, of enlightenment.
One of my massage teachers would tell us the same thing in class, “Wherever your attention goes, energy will flow,” she would repeat day in and day out. “Just focus,” she would remind us, “and change will come.” She was absolutely right. Massage is never as effective when the mind wanders, and the deeper I sink my mental focus on the structures beneath my hands, concealed by skin and connective tissue, the deeper my massage strokes are felt by clients, even when pressure remains consistent. The same is true on the client’s end. When receiving massage, I can draw the affects of my therapist’s strokes deeper into my muscles simply by focusing my mind in the structures that lie beneath their touch. Where your attention goes, energy will flow.
This can be observed in our every day lives as well. Before action and change can occur, a spark must be ignited within consciousness itself. If the idea or intention of learning something or doing something is never ignited, it probably won’t happen. Spontaneous change is always possible, but simply by wanting it, we begin to move our being in that direction. Desire and intention are powerful forces. The more mental energy given towards something, the greater the force we cultivate towards realization.
You may not know HOW events and growth will unfold, but it will. Stay focused on your goal. You want to have a better life? Think about it. Think about what that means, what that looks like, and allow these thoughts to carry you into a new direction.



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