Slow Down

With the demands of today’s society and the ever looming to do list that never seems to end, slowing down has become a long forgotten artform. Most of us will run ourselves into the ground before we stop to rest. Despite our body’s desperate pleas for a moment of stillness, we press on. We get a giant foam latte with four shots of espresso and 8 pumps of syrup. We take asprin to block out pain, the body’s primary tool for communicating with us. We cover up any sign of weakness with bronzer and blush. We tell our bodies that they are weak, limiting burdens, always getting in the way.

Truth is, your body is your greatest ally if you respect it as such. If you listen to it’s wisdom and care for it properly, it will serve to support you through every moment of your life.

So when your body aches, when it falls ill or victim to injuy. Ask what this condition reflects about your mental and emotional state. Tune in to the signals of pain and discomfort. Learn from this experience and move beyond it. Address the issue at hand.

Give the body what it needs.

Slow down. Listen. Sit. Rest. Be still. Let go. Heal.


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