Vibrational Healing

Only through space, Ether, may form arise and manifest in this three dimensional plane of existence. From void to form, energy enters reality in a big bang of sound. According to the ancient mystics of India, this is the sound of OM. Pronounced, A-U-M, this vibration represents and reflects the creation of sound, of energy, which then continued to expand into all that we see, eventually slowing and becoming dense, solidifying in our minds, thought patterns, voices, actions, relationships, fears, and strengths, our personality, our ego, nothing more than the patterning of consciousness condensing into form as it echoes through the ether, from source to form. This force of cosmic energy expands to its full completion into your own physical body. Vibration exists within and affects all form. It is transcendental, connecting the very cells of your body to the grandeur of the universe.

Now let’s breakdown the significance and intention behind chanting OM. In order to understand the true power of this sound, one must understand something about Sanskrit. It is not a conversational language, rather a vibrational one. Sanskrit was channeled by the ancients to communicate through direct experience of vibrational patterns that flow through the body and the universe as a whole. While each sound and word can be interpreted literally, through the use linguistic construct and mental association, the true meaning of the word is carried within the vibration itself, and where it resonates within the individual who is experiencing the sound.  Specific sounds and vibrations are felt in specific areas of the body and facilitate various openings and energetic shifts within the physical experience. Feeling these shifts in the body opens a door of opportunity to experience release in the energy body, mind, and overall sense of being. The meaning of each mantra, a phrase intended for chanting, is then meant to be understood through feeling awareness. The intellectual understanding of each mantra can certainly deepen internalization, but must be accompanied by actual vibratory experience and the opening it creates within the body.

There are three distinct aspects contained within the full body of sound, A-U-M.
As you chant OM, feel the initial vibration of AHH bubble up from the base of the spine up to the heart center where it then transforms into OOOOO and continues to rise through the throat. AHH is representative of Brahman, the creative, expansive force in the universe. OOO is representative of Vishnu, the sustaining force. As the lips seal to produce the MMM sound, feel this wave rise further to completion in the third eye. MMM is representative of Shiva, the destructive force of the universe. Then take a moment to bask in the silence residing after the sound of AUM, as the vibration echoes up to the crown of the head, where the experience of transcendence, of non-dualistic TURIYA, can be found in silence. Within this single sound, AUM, we can experience the birth, life, and death of energy as it moves in and out the body. Associating a thought or feeling with OM as you chant can support the manifestation of your intentions and goals into the physical realm, grounding it from a simple thought to a full wave of energy that is heard and felt by everyone and everything around you. Other mantras may be used as well for attuning yourself to any specific chosen quality. Remember that while you do contain the creative power of the universe within, all that is created is eventually dissolved. Feel into both the power of flow and dissolution as you chant the sound of AUM, allowing this vibration to align your physical structure and experience with that of the universe.

With gratitude for this strange world of vibrating molecules and the ability to engage in its evolution, we embrace life, death, and everything in between.




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