Exploring the Five Elements: Air and Ether

Air governs movement. It is the first manifestation of energy to flow into the vast emptiness of space, ether. The apparition of fire, water, and earth would not be possible without the movement and flow of air. Any congestion or stagnation in the air current inevitably leads to stagnation of all other elements. It is through this movement that change, growth, and release are even possible.
The positive pole of air resides in the chest and shoulders, directed by the heart center, where we hold the power to draw objects of our desire closer or further away. A closed heart can be observed in the body by a concave chest, collapsed shoulders, congested lungs, and contracted diaphragm. Closing down this positive pole leads to difficulty breathing and clearing out mental, emotional, and physical toxins from the body. This closing of the heart then ripples throughout the air polarity relationship, affecting the abilities of the colon and kidneys in the neutral pole, and eventually moving down into the negative pole of the ankles.
Air governs all the basic functioning of our physiology. Without the breath, the entire body shuts down, and we die. With the breath, comes life and energy. When the quality of air is flowing free from obstructions, every cell of your being effortlessly receives all that it needs while releasing all that is unnecessary for your thriving. With each breath, feel into the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. The body is automatically restoring itself to balance and health.
Only within empty, open space can air breathe. Feel into the space that exists within your body, the aspect of yourself that is Ether. Allow inspiration to flood the space that is occupied by the body as the positive charge of the heart automatically magnetizes itself to the fulfillment of your dreams. Feel any and all obstructions to the flow of prana draining down the body and out the feet, only to dissolve back into the ether like smoke in the wind.


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