Hightened Sensitivity

The auric field is said to extend fifty feet from the body. For those who have mastered the regulation and output of their energy field, it can expand even further. One can begin bringing greater balance and control to their auric, or energetic field through awareness and sensitivity. Our culture tends looks down on sensitivity, but it is a gift worth asking for.

The more sensitive you are, the more tuned in you are to what is and is not conducive to the flowering of your self and those around you. Sensitivity can be cultivated through meditation and simple mindfulness.

Start by asking your self these simple questions:
How is the food I eat actually affecting my body?
How does my environment and the people around me affect my internal environment?
The answers to these questions cannot be answered simply through thought, rather they are FELT.
How do you feel? How do you want to feel?
How do you want the people around you to feel?
What qualities do you wish to emanate into the space within and around you?
What needs to change?

As sensitivity of self develops, so does sensitivity to others. In this awakening of awareness, one may feel the need to create drastic change in various aspects of life, however, it is not always necessary to do a full purging of all your friends and favorite foods. Continue listening closely to your body, and see if you can transmute the negative emotions and reactions you feel into something more positive by changing your thoughts. Take a moment to breath and imagine this new thought permeating the very cells of your body. Give voice and action to these shifts as they start to work their way down from the mind to the body and actively demonstrate the change you wish to see. You may soon find the people and environment around you suddenly shifting as well, to reflect your own truth right back at you!


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