Exploring the Elements: Fire

With the giant ball of fire in the sky now rising to the forefront of our awareness to thaw out our stiffened winter bones, our inner fire follows suit. Reflecting on the growing presence of the sun externally, we are now feeling affects of the fire element internally with revived drive to get out and move.
Fire is hot, piercing, intense, all encompassing, purifying, and stimulating. It fuels and sustains physical strength and mental focus while purifying both body and mind from tension and toxins. Fire is felt in the body by the light of the eyes, the warmth of our blood, the movement of the digestive system, and the heat that is often associated with the healing process in the form of inflammation.
Imbalance of the fire current may show up as improper digestion, over stimulation and exhaustion, and feelings of anger, bitterness, or jealousy. Since a fiery person is gifted in translating their enthusiasm or passion into action, an imbalance in this current can be dangerous for others who surround the fiery person. They can be very manipulative and controlling when this current runs in excess. Suppressing fire is just as dangerous, with the heat building until the point of eruption. Remaining aware of emotions as they arise and developing the art of forgiveness and compassion is key to balancing the emotions of fire.
When balance is attained for the fiery individual, they can express their emotions from a clear and calm space and confidently step into their power for change for themselves and those they touch.
You can learn more about fire and the other elements by reading “The Polarity Process” by Franklin Sills, or join me today from 12-1pm for a yin yoga practice that explores the current of fire. We will be meeting at Family Balance Yoga, in the basement of Cafe Vino. You can sign up online here: http://www.childrensyogainfortcollinsco.com/class-schedule/


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