Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox is approaching! As the sun crosses over the equator once again to warm and nourish the Northern Hemisphere, we find the light of the heavens shining EQUALLY over the whole planet… for just one day. The south has been basking in the sun, and now starts to cool off as it contracts into the darkness from which we now emerge. More sun means more energy… vitamin D, warmth, and stimulation. Of course, this transition is gradual but we are already witnessing the magnetic shifts of the Earth and feeling the affects of this change. Polarized between the Earth and the Sun, we all continue to gravitate towards the light. Those in the North are drawn up towards the sky and those below are drawn down and within.

We have some time before returning to full bloom, but now is opportune moment to start warming our bodies and clearing out any stagnation or clutter we may have been building up over the winter.

Our natural tendency to continue on as we have been, so it’s normal to feel lingering lethargy and resistance to getting back out into the long sunny days. Or perhaps its exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Regardless of how you are reacting to this transition, it is occurring and it presents an opportunity for us all to utilize. In the south, it’s their turn to start slowing down and turn inside. For us in the North, we have the opportunity to stimulate and expand upon the insights and lessons received through the darkness of winter.

So how do we make this transition smoothly? How do we maintain health and balance within as our place in the universe shifts?

Its really quite simple… all we have to do is move WITH the changing tides, instead of pushing back against it. Whatever resistance you may be feeling is natural. Relax into it and as you fall back into the flow.

In honor of the Spring Equinox I will be offering a free yoga class tomorrow in the Downtown Artery Gallery, designed specifically for this season shift. Join me at 10:30-11:30am and feel free to hang out and work on art or other projects in the cafe downstairs afterwards! Not only will we be bringing warmth and stimulation to the body, but to the creative spark we all hold within.


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