Exploring the Five Elements: Water

Water… deep, reflective, dynamic, and life giving. As the very substance that facilitated life on Earth, it is the same current that washes it clean and revitalizes all living creatures. Water is also the most dynamic of the elements, effortlessly transitioning from a gaseous state, through fluidity, to solid ice. When in balance, this element facilitates healthy relationship and emotional ease with ourselves and others.

As discussed in the previous “Earth” article, energy expands from a neutral source in an outgoing, yang current until reaching the point of completion and then returning back to the point from which it came in the contractive, yin current to complete the life cycle. This movement occurs in three dimensional space by moving through three distinct poles: the positive, negative, and neutral. These three poles of the water current manifest physically in the chest, pelvis, and feet. Through the positive pole in the chest one can remain open to giving and receiving love freely while expressing emotions with conviction and clarity. Through the neutral pole of the pelvis one gains access to creative power that can be directed down into the physical world or recirculated through one’s own body to facilitate spiritual and emotion rebirth. Excess water energy is released via the negative pole in the feet, draining down the body to flow back into earth. Stagnant and excess water energy can manifest as emotional turmoil, dependency, irrationality, sexual imbalance, and even physical pain in the pelvic region. It is important to keep this current flowing in order to wash both the body and mind clean of any unnecessary emotional attachments.

Tomorrow’s Yin Yoga class will focus on opening the hips and balancing the water current within the body. Try your first class for free and pre-register here: http://www.childrensyogainfortcollinsco.com/class-schedule/

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