Changing with the seasons

As the leaves fall away from the trees, so too does the fiery passion and enthusiasm of summer. The flower’s reach has come to a climax and slowly returns to the earth from which it came. In like fashion, we humans begin to slow down in preparation for the cold, short days. As the environment around us falls away, it is only natural that our energy and mindset follows suit.

It is a time of transition, of dissolution, and you may find more than the long hot days and saturated leaves disappearing from your life. Perhaps an old home, job, or relationship is also dissolving, leaving you to step into the cold on your own. Perhaps you don’t feel ready to let go, but grasping at these things is like trying to keep all the leaves on the trees.

Not only is it natural for aspects and qualities of life to recede and change, but it is necessary for growth and renewal. There may be aspects of yourself that you need to let go of this fall, aspects that do not serve you and your highest aspirations. I invite you to take this time to contract with the weather, to turn your focus inwards and explore yourself with open curiosity, to see for yourself what needs to fall away, and to surrender to the pending release. Try to imagine what you and your life would look like without these qualities or things… without that job, relationship, food or drink, without anger, excitement, or even joy.

What remains?
Are you still there?
Who are you?
What are you?
Are you these outward expressions? These objects that once gave you some sense of satisfaction?
Is a tree defined by its leaves?
Does a flower’s beauty and power dwell only within its petals?

You may not be able to see what lies on the other side of this release, sometimes all that is seen and felt is emptiness. Mourn what is lost, and remember that within the emptiness is a whole lot of space… space to dream, space to hold and nurture your own heart, and space for something new to grow- something better than you could ever possibly imagine.

You don’t have to know why things are changing or what is coming next. We will soon be blessed by winter. A whole season to rest, reflect, and contemplate what seeds you’d like to sow in the spring.

For now, fall into the space of pure potential and limitless opportunity.
Rest and remember the gifts that remain.
Remember the essence of a tree, and of your own being.

If you’re not sure how or where to begin… Yoga Nidra is always a great place to start.
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