Exploring the Five Elements: Earth

Earth is the densest layer of reality as we know it.

As energy expands from source, it gradually slows to the point of completion. Once subtle frequencies condense to form the tangible structure of the Earth before dissolving back into the void.

As above, so below. The patterns we observe in the structure of the wind, fire, and water are also found in the solidarity of Earth. The basic patterning of life is transient to all perceptual differences such as texture and shape. In all forms we find the tree of life, extending through the plant and animal kingdom, from the oceanic currents below to the wind patterns and stars above.

This sacred pattern is a path that paints a picture of our true nature. All analysis, descriptions, and intellectual understanding set aside, life goes and grows… from a single point or seed of awareness, to a flower in full bloom.

As living creatures that move and extend into the sphere of Earth, we receive an infinite and indiscriminate flow of strength, support, and nourishment from our ground. As you close your eyes and remember to feel into the connection between your body and the earth below, remember this unfailing source of strength. The next time you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, remember that this is not actually the case. In reality, you are the weight of the world, resting on the Earth’s shoulders. In this subtle shifting of perspective, we discover an opportunity to lay down our burdens as the weight of gravity naturally and automatically drains the body of anything that isn’t beneficial.

In yoga, the downward current of energy is described as Apana Vayu, the “life wind” that governs assimilation and downward and outward movement. This shows up in the body through the digestive system. Food is broken down in our bodies, nutrients are then dispersed to the appropriate cells as any toxins or unnecessary components continue to move down and out. This flow is happening on the physical plane because of the underlying force of Apana Vayu. By focusing our mind energy on this downward current, we can learn to surrender to the natural flow of the universe and support harmony from within, to without.

Obstructions in the pranic field may come from physical, emotional, or mental imbalance, all of which create pooling and stagnation within the energy field. Disease arises from this stagnation of energy, like the bacteria that thrives at the bottom of still water. When these pools of energy sit for an extended period, they too eventually become dense as all energy eventually does, and create a blockage in the field. The longer stagnation is ignored, the more we start to see and feel imbalance as a part of who we are, a part of our construct.

This solidifying of energy emerges from very subtle plane of awareness, and tends to be ignored because blockages can be uncomfortable to feel and look at. In order to clear holding in the body and energy field we must first feel them, truly acknowledge them, even if it isn’t pretty. By consciously interacting with the subtle flow of prana, we gain the understanding and power to release blockages as soon as they start to form, ideally before they start to weigh us down and create a full-blown disease.

I invite you to take a few minutes to feel into this current, the river of prana that flows through your being, and allow any mental or physical dams to dissolve…

As you inhale, imagine that you could breath in through the crown of your head. You can imagine the breath moving in the form of white light as it enters through the crown of the head to wash over the spine and fill the pelvic bowl. As you exhale see light draining out of the pelvis, down the legs and out the feet.

With each breath in, allow this light to fill and expand through all parts of the body.

With each exhale, surrender all your cares and worries to the earth beneath your feet.



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